What I Like

When I first returned to crocheting last year, I was so happy to find many great resources for patterns, tutorials (love those!) and yarns. I love that many yarn companies offer free patterns and that there are so many talented crocheters who are willing to spend the time and energy to put together tutorials.

These are especially awesome for someone like me who gets dizzy trying to read the instructions for most patterns. So many are just too detailed to follow. I mean, even with the *( ) ** symbols, there are some patterns that seem to go on and on, with the same instructions repeated far too much. This makes them impossible to read.

That’s why, if I do offer instructions, I will try to make them easier to follow.

That’s also why, very often, I will just find a stitch I like and “do my own thing” as far as what I make. I have my own ideas, anyway. Like, I am planning to make mittens for my daughter for Christmas (yes, I know; I’d better get busy). But I’ve been delayed because I cannot find a pattern OR tutorial I like. Most are simple single-crochet (SC) or double-crochet (DC) and that’s boring. So I’ve been scouring the internet for better ideas. Some of the fingerless glove patterns have really pretty cable designs on the back. So now I think I will take one of those and create a detachable mitten top to them…? Can I do that?

Why not?! But…

My Current Project


Before I can start properly, I have to finish the gift I am currently working on. Placemats. I decided to give several friends placemat sets for Christmas. Great idea, right? Well, it is. I mean, I hope they like them. But I do not like to do the same thing, over and over. And, with each set of four, that’s pretty much the order of the day. I am just about finished with the third set of placemats– that’s twelve, altogether. Not to mention four or five individual placemats that I made for my and my friend’s pets. That’s a lot of placemats!

Can’t wait until they are done.

A Variation On The Afghan Design

Drop-In-The-Pond Lapghan

I also did another variation of this for a lapghan. The video for this — The Drop In The Pond Afghan — is wonderful, as is this great variation on the traditional Granny Square. But I must say the video is a bit long and tedious to watch. Still, it is very thorough and will give even a beginner a good idea of what to do, as everything is explained well.

Here is the first video of the series: